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Darkest Dungeon - Game Box Organizer

Darkest Dungeon - Game Box Organizer

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 1st part of the 2-box insert for darkest dungeon. 

  • The map tiles do not fit into this insert. I moved those to mini box (I created another insert for that box, see "pair" listing of this one). If you still want to use this insert and still keep map tiles there, be prepared for an extra 35 mm lid elevation.
  • The insert is able to hold all cards sleeved into the Mythic premium sleeves, i ordered with the game.
  • Even the Crimson Court cards can be squeezed in (but not the map tiles and the minis!)
  • Small card trays can be used during the game in a plug-and-play fashion, no need to sort cards needed for game..
  • It is  possible to insert the The Darkest Organizer instead of the top 3 trays. 
  • Includes Musketeer too
  • I also smuggled in all the heirloom chest stuff, as seen on the picture
  • 4 cute little token tray to add/remove token stacks easily.

Lid Elevation

  • Lid elevation of my copy is ~12 mm. This includes both the original Hamlet board, and the dual-layered that is in the Heirloom Chest.
  • You may place The Darkest Organizer in place of top 3 trays, but in that case lid elevation goes up to 20 mm
  • I plan to create a save box, I have several ideas. I just need to gather to willpower to come back to Darkest Dungeon after several weeks of sleeving, planning, etc. Once - and if - I do that, lid elevation from the game box will go away.

Material update

Due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to HDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures. On the flip side, this material is significantly cheaper, led to reduced price.




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