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Crisis at Steamfall Box Organizer

Crisis at Steamfall Box Organizer

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Box Organizer for Crisis at Steamfall board game. 

It is able to store the following content without lid elevation.

  • Core Game
  • Crisis at Steamfall: Genesis Expansion
  • Premium Card Holder (promo from kickstarter)
  • Additional miniatures (addon from kickstarter - Egg box FTW!!)
  • Premium Board  Upgrade (addon from kickstarter)
  • Premium energy tokens (addon from kickstarter)

As the base game box is small, and there are way too many cards, photos below are taken using unsleeved cards. Some part of the cards will fit sleeved, maybe all if penny sleeves are used. But no way all cards fit if premium sleeves are used. Very sorry about it, I know it sucks. Just couldn't make that happen. 

Material update: due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to MDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures. On the flip side, this material is significantly cheaper, led to reduced price.


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