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Great Wall - Core Box Organizer

Great Wall - Core Box Organizer

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IMPORTANT: Language edition box is smaller than English edition. It seems those boxes are 6 mm smaller on both dimensions and original insert do not fit. Added a language edition option with slightly slimmed down version for those owners.

Box Organizer for Awaken Realm's Great Wall board game.

It is able to store the following content without lid elevation, using Awaken Guard premium sleeves to protect the cards.

  • Core Game
  • 5th Player expansion (stretch goal box)
  • Genghis Khan expansion (stretch goal box)
  • Ancient Chronicles expansion (stretch goal box)
  • Ancient Beasts expansion
  • Rat expansion (stretch goal box)
  • Iron Dragon add-on
  • Upgraded resources

However, it is not able to store the Black Powder expansion (it has its own box).

Within the box organizer, the player components (including the command cards) are stored in a single box, which may be also used to compress table space during the game: it is possible to keep there cards and even some resources, hidden from the prying eyes of the opponents. 

Material update: due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to MDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures. On the flip side, this material is significantly cheaper, led to reduced price.


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