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KDM Player Dashboard (1 level)

KDM Player Dashboard (1 level)

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This gear grid for Kingdom Death: Monster boardgame differs from most of the commercial gear grids in the aspect, that it helps to cut down on paper/token administration of the game by utilizing 2 layers of dials, that eliminates much of the paper-based bookkeeping of characters. 

Video review from Bored Online! Board Offline!: ...and another from Painted Meeple: 


The main purpose of the grid is to cut down on paper/token based admin, a feat that is achieved by following configuration

  • A wooden gear grid to hold gear cards. Sleeved cards fit too comfortably.
  • Dials to track attributes such as Strength, Evasion, etc. The range is now pretty high, it can go up to 20-30. Maybe a bit too high for e.g. Luck, but we had games where Strength was 14 for some characters in LY13. So better to be safe than sorry
  • Attribute dials can also indicate negative numbers, as those attributes can go into the minus due to penalty tokens.
  • Hit locations/Armor can be maintained the same way, indicates also Light/Heavy injuries.
  • Survival, Insanity and Bleed tokens are also having an own dials.
  • Finally, there is an Extra dial, which can be used for showdown specific stuff like Phoenix Age tokens, or can be used to record how many charges of an ammo (e.g. Sunspot Darts) has been used up.
  • Holes to make card removal easier
  • Boards are coming with neodymium rare earth magnets. These provide strong attachment, but at the same time easy to turn them. Another benefit, that this grid serves as an easy persistent storage for gear grids: no need to push back cards any more to box/card holders. You can just keep the gears in the grid until the next playnight. 
  • The board also has flippable pieces for survival actions (also on uncolored ones, the pictures are old. You can see the survival actions on the black boards)


Due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to MDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures.


Main idea is to keep permanent stats on paper (like base Strength, Accuracy, etc), but everything that is "transient" (e.g. tokens, gear-provided stats) are reflected in dials. We usually use this so that when surivors depart, every player sets first the permanent attributes, survival and insanity (these are recorded on character sheet) and also the armor on each hit locations. Then attributes further modified by "transient" values coming mostly from gear affinities and power. When hunt/showdown is ongoing and someone receives a +/- token, we just adjust the dials. Survival/Insanity is updated back to character sheets once per session at most, but if same characters will be used next time, even this is not necessary. This way character sheet is used only for recording fighting arts, disorders and permanent abilities, which is not so frequent. An A5 character sheet can be kept on top of the grid (or under it), so this grid is the entire space needed for a character.



  • Unassembled: The magnets for the board comes in a small package alongside the boards.
  • Pre-glued magnets: I manually slot the magnets into the boards+dials and ship the boards that way, saving you some of the assembly time. Board still requires some assembly.


  • Natural wood color: natural birch color as seen on the pictures
  • Walnut color: dark brown staining
  • Ebony black: black color.


My preferred setup is the following

1st line: Move, Strength, Accuracy -> The dials, that has a "-" sign, as these can be negative.

2nd line: Evasion, Luck, Speed -> The dials, that has a "-" sign, as these can be negative.

3rd line: Extra, Bleed, Survival -> Dials, that have an 1-4 (Bleed) and 1-5 ranges (Survival, Extra)

4th & 5th line: Brain -> The one dial, that has "L" sign, but no "H" (as brain can get only light injuries) Head -> The one dial, that has "H" sign, but no "L" (as head can get only heavy injuries), Arm, Body, Waist, Leg -> Dials, that has both "L" and "H" signs.


296mm x 210mm x 10mm (assembled) One gear slot is 55mm x 55mm Weight is 247g per grid (so a 4-pack is roughly 1 kg) Product comes unassembled. Assembly requires glue.


I need phone number and email address for FEDEX shipping. Please enter them during the checkout.

Due to the high amount of buyer options (color, fabric, variants, etc), I always manufacture items on demand, which takes roughly 2 weeks. Fedex shipping usually is 4-6 days. The item ships from Hungary, Europe. Depending on destination country, custom fees may apply.

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