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Aeon Trespass: Odessy - Box Organizer

Aeon Trespass: Odessy - Box Organizer

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Okay, let's get the elephant out of the way. This one is expensive. Really expensive.

"Why is that Gyuriiiii??? Are you ripping us off? Want to take the family out for skiing on our hard-earned money???44!!4!"

Well, no. Not at all. I was also a bit shocked. So let's leave the corporate naysaying behind and I get to the point in an unusually straight manner: I have a solid 11 EUR profit on this one. No one is getting filthy rich here. This is just a huge game: this baby spends more than 2 hours in the laser, weighs almost 3 kg (kinda double of what my inserts usually weigh). If I could make this cheaper, I would instantly do that, obviously.

Alright, I did my absolute best to discourage you, and still here? Okay, let me do a pitch for why this is actually a good deal. 

  • You can store the luxury tiles, each cycle in a separate tray.
  • The tech tray version is backward compatible i.e. if you later want to switch to binder, you just need to remove the extra trays and you are good to go.
  • Fits also the extra set of dice
  • All secret cards are in a separate box.
  • All bosses are in their own deckbox for an easy access
  • There is space in the box for a binder (more on that below - but I do NOT offer the binder itself, it has to be obtained elsewhere)
  • The frequently used cards are in a separate tray, instant "plug-and-play" setup (traumas, conditions)
  • Exploration and Clue cards in an own tray, separated by cycle
  • All cards are sleeved (this is anyway a must-have feature): I used Awaken Guard sleeves on standard cards, Paladin on the rest.
  • Minis are compressed down to around 40% of the box, instead of the default insert, which is ~65%
  • And they are protected by self-adhesive decorfoam to be painter-compatible.
  • Even better. That decorfoam is white!!! (well, now. At some point I will run out of the white one - I reserve rights to use other colors :P)

Buyer options

  • "Room for a binder (that would store tech and gear cards)": This version comes with an empty space, where you can store a binder, that you buy separately. The exact available space is 352x272x45mm. Lid elevation with this version is 6-7 mm.
  • "Trays for tech and gear cards": In this version there are 4 extra deckboxes for technologies, 3 trays for gear cards (1 per cycle) and 4 token trays (instead of 2 pieces in the binder version. Lid elevation in this case is 3 mm (it is really not noticable, as box is 166 m tall)

To bind or not to bind?

Note: I do not offer the binder itself. What I offer is an insert, which has room available for one. 

I will play with a binder. So I did go to great pains to fit a binder in the box. This is the version I use.

It has all the technology and gear cards. Techs are organized first by cycle, and then by alphabetically. I will flip them in the binder when they become part of the project deck. I will keep owned tech in separate sheets. This one or equivalent works for standard cards.

Gears are organized first by cycle, then by enabling tech, then by alphabetically. Again, I will keep crafted gear in separate sheets. I use this one for gear cards.

I will add those extra pages, plus some A4 size to save stuff from game like oversized cards. Just like in ISS vanguard. I keep cards in the binder unsleeved, more comfortable and economical, but sleeved ones fit too (I know, I tried and desleeved them)

I acknowledge not everyone want to use binder: there is a variant ("Trays for tech and gear cards") which has additional wooden trays to store tech and gear cards.

Material update

Due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to HDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures. On the flip side, this material is significantly cheaper, led to reduced price.




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Due to the high amount of buyer options (color, fabric, variants, etc), I always manufacture items on demand, which takes roughly 2 weeks. Fedex shipping usually is 4-6 days. The item ships from Hungary, Europe. Depending on destination country, custom fees may apply.

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