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KDM Premium Box Organizer (All Expansions + Base Game)

KDM Premium Box Organizer (All Expansions + Base Game)

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Card holder

This is a premium box insert for Kingdom Death: Monster boardgame. The boxes fit sleeved cards.

This specific configuration is only for those who keep their gear cards in a binder. That is because, due to the size of the deckboxes, this organizer must include 3 extra card holders to accomodate all non-monster cards (or central console for the same purpose), hence no room for gear holder. The monster boxes are magnetized (a total of 120 magnets are used) to avoid deformation over time. 


  • 20 deckboxes for all monsters
  • 3 small card box: Removable. Stores innovations, disorders, etc cards that are always needed during game. ~240 (Sleeved)/~480 (Unsleeved) cards
  • terrain box: able to store even Flower Knight large overlay pieces
  • 1 settlement event box: accomodate sleeved SE cards
  • 1 settlement location box: accomodate sleeved location cards
  • 1 miscallenous box (dice, small tokens, small terrains etc)
  • Dividers: Basic Resources; Strange Resources; Terrain; Vermin; Innovations; Armor Sets; Weapon Specializations; Basic Hunt Events; Disorders; Fighting Arts; Secret Fighting Arts; Tactics; Other



Card holders

3 standard card holders: Normal card holders with dividers, default option.

Central console: The separately sold central console without the hunt board. The central console has same dimensions as the 3 standard card holders and can be used to speed up set up and teardown considerably and useful also during game because of the detachable magnetized dials..

Central console & hunt board: Same as previous + the hunt board, that also fits into the box.


Due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to MDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures.


I need phone number and email address for FEDEX shipping. Please enter them during the checkout.

Due to the high amount of buyer options (color, fabric, variants, etc), I always manufacture items on demand, which takes roughly 2 weeks. Fedex shipping usually is 4-6 days. The item ships from Hungary, Europe. Depending on destination country, custom fees may apply.


Product comes unassembled. Glue is necessary for assembly.  Magnets arrive in a pack, a small "magnet pencil" (created by us) is included to make magnet slotting easy.


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