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Tainted Grail Box Organizer - Wave 2

Tainted Grail Box Organizer - Wave 2

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Box Organizer for Tainted Grail wave 2 content. It is able to hold all card, sleeved into the Awaken Guard premium sleeves. Additionally it is able to accommodate the Echoes of the Past and the Red Death expansions, similarly into Awaken Guard sleeves.

The miniature holder boxes may be ordered with self-adhesive, 2mm thick, laser-cut padding, that is soft enough to keep your miniatures safe, even if those are painted and/or based (many box organizers are unable to store painted miniatures safely). It is actually safer storage for painted miniatures than the original plastic insert, that comes with the game. 

Main features

  • Able to store all cards of Age of Legends, Last Knight, Red Death and Echoes of the Past expansions, sleeved into the Awaken Guard premium sleeves.
  • Miniatures are stored in self-adhesive decorfoam cells, protecting paintjobs.


  • The standard card holder tray does not have a bottom. It is supposed to stay in the box. This is because, that extra 3 mm would lead to a further lid elevation which I did not like. I would have been happier if it is possible to have bottom, but in this case it is not working well.
  • Packing in all the save sheet from all the expansions on top of the exploration journal result in a 2 mm box lid elevation. Having fewer save sheet in the box solves this.
  • There is one single cell, which must store two minis (but they barely touch each other)
  • Putting every expansion in the box is a tight fit. It works, and nothing gets damaged of course. But it is tight.
  • Because this being a tight fit, you must be aware of Awaken Guard sleeve sizes. Sleeves longer/wider than those may not fit (1-2 mm difference is okay, 3-4 may not). I list here Awaken Guard precise dimesions, so that you can check your sleeves: 
    • Small: 46 x 69 mm
    • Standard: 66 x 90 mm
    • Large: 122 x 82 mm



    • Non-padded: Only wood, no soft padding for the miniature holder, just a simple box.
    • Padded: Self-adhesive, 2 mm thick, laser-cut padding, that can be applied to the sides of the miniature holder boxes (as seen in the picutre). The padding in the manufactured version will be dark brown.


    Due to war in Ukraine we had to switch from plywood to MDF. It is locally available material, looks slightly less shiny than the plywood on the pictures. On the flip side, this material is significantly cheaper, led to reduced price.


    Product comes unassembled. Assembly requires glueing. In general, all boxes are numbered, same numbers belong to same box. STAR sign means that foamcore padding goes to both side of the wood, and solid lines are used to mark the place where the identical foamcore piece needs to be stuck.



    Dimensions (assembled): 298 mm x 298 mm x 115 mm


    I need phone number and email address for FEDEX shipping. Please enter them during the checkout.

    Due to the high amount of buyer options (color, fabric, variants, etc), I always manufacture items on demand, which takes roughly 2 weeks. Fedex shipping usually is 4-6 days. The item ships from Hungary, Europe. Depending on destination country, custom fees may apply.

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